What is Life Re-scripting?


Things do not change, we change - Henry David Thoureau


Don’t we all sometimes fall into familiar patterns in which we recreate models that are dysfunctional or which no longer serve our needs and wants?  At the same time, these patterns can be difficult to change.  Life Re-scripting develops from the work of JL Moreno, the father of sociometry and psychodrama.  Moreno would often remind people that “the body remembers what the mind forgets.”  By using action methods, we have greater access to these body memories and can therefore more effectively change or rewrite our worn-out or non-productive scripts.  This fosters a fresher, more spontaneous approach to our daily lives.


Life Re-scripting can be highly effective in helping groups to develop cohesion and to move beyond unconscious barriers. It offers a lively and exciting process for engaging groups or organizations during community workshops and day or weekend retreats. Action methods hold considerable power; working with a facilitator who is trained and certified in sociometry, psychodrama and action methods allows your group to proceed at a safe pace, while maintaining healthy and secure boundaries.  It nonetheless assists individuals and groups to successfully shift from the familiar to the extraordinary.


In group settings, identifying and understanding the choices that we make -both conscious and less conscious- can help overcome obstacles within the group.  Life Re-scripting can strengthen cohesion and highlights the strengths and resources that are available within the group itself. Action methods and Life Re-Scripting helps individuals to let go of past or external scripts that undermine individual and collective goals for your group.  It offers an opportunity to concretely acknowledge and celebrate the strengths and resources within each of us, and helps members, individually and collectively, to reach their full potential.


If your group or community wants to include Life Re-scripting as part of a retreat or organizational meeting, we will work together to customize workshop content to meet the specific goals and objectives of your organization.  Whether this is clearer communication and productivity or strengthening resources for wellness and hope, Life Re-scripting offers tools including imagination, humor and spontaneity.


All the world's a stage, and most of us are desperately unrehearsed. 

Sean O'Casey


Stephen Kopp

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact Steve at  steve4lifecoach@earthlink.net



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