In the eye of the deadly desert

    Lies the Land of Oz

    The eye of the tornado was one path there.

Perhaps it was their odd ways of travel:

    Tornadoes, bubbles, and flying monkeys-

    But the people of Oz lacked grounding.

Maybe it was being isolated by toxic sands

    For grounding comes from connections.

So, while the scarecrow found solutions

    He mistrusted his brain.

The tinman avoided harming even mice and ants

    Yet doubted his loving heart.

And the lion and the tiger mothers

    Were blind to their own courage.

Even the highest power in Oz

    Was a humbug.


Dorothy rode the eye of a tornado

    Proving that storms can drop houses

    Yet create communities.

Dorothy –

    A protagonist seeking her way home

    A director for her friends

    An auxiliary, when her golden road

        crossed the paths that others walked.


Not only Dorothy made this journey.

Many children and adults are swept up

    in the storms of life

        to arrive in a strange land.


A land sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening

Yet each with no ambivalence in their Diamond of Opposites

They keep repeating:

“I want to go home…”

    Not back to a house of neglect

    Or a well of shame

    Or a closet of fears

But home to self.


Unlike Oz,

Our authentic home holds true magic-

    To both be grounded yet soar…

    And we find that magic in the storm’s eye.

Dorothy’s story is famous.

Each person comes to Oz

    With a story deserving to be told:


Stories of separation –

    Whether that leaving is forced, chosen or our drive to survive.

Stories of transformation and challenge

    Of confronting our fears

        Whether a wicked witch or a wicked mother

        Flying monkeys or the angel of death

    And stepping closer to our own

    heart, body, spirit.


Stories of incorporation:

        Drawing out courage

        Celebrating resiliency

        Breathing in gratitude

    Standing not on a yellow brick road

        But before a golden mirror

        And seeing ourselves

        as we truly are – each beautiful.


Stories of continuity:

    Bringing the richness of ourselves back from Europe

    Or waving flags to say

    Farewell and Welcome to Dolores

    In her transformed state.


These stories are our way home.


Dorothy began her journey

    with silver slippers

She walked and talked and gradually learned their power.

    They brought her home,

        but only after she moved

        and took those first three steps.


We’re gathered, knowing that no shoes

        Not even Dolores’

    Have the magic to take us home.

We have shared our storms and stories

Found treasures within and with others.


We meet in this now and this eye:

    As a place

        both calm yet overflowing with energy

    To listen to what came before

    To picture our future home

And to celebrate the gifts of this moment.

    Gifts that bring us through the storms

    Gifts within our loving community

    And the energy from our transpersonal “I”


As we find our balance

As we find our grounding we have the energy, the healing,

    The hope that allows us to leave Oz

    To return to our higher self

    Bringing this peace with us.

As we prepare to step apart in space

    but not in our hearts

We can feel the connections within this eye

    As an anchor to our true selves-

        “There is no place like this home.”


With much gratitude, respect and love for each of us who were able to express our vulnerable stories, support with our compassion and hold each other in the eye of our respective storms. A very special thanks to Dale and Nina for again helping us create this sacred space.  July 19, 2017


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