On May 16, 2020, the Mid-Atlantic Collective, ASGPP presented me with a Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of my service to the regional psychodrama community.  I am deeply grateful for being acknowledged yet also want to thank my psychodrama community.  I feel I have received much more than I've given.

Steve receiving the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, ASGPP Annual Gratitude Award, for service to the regional chapter and the psychodrama community.  Winners of the award offer a workshop to the chapter.  This workshop. presented on October 5, 2013, was titled HARVESTING OUR STRENGTHS, CELEBRATING OUR RESOURCES.

Workshop Description:

Often individuals in therapy initially assume psychodrama is a place to confront trauma or painful issues, or as a safe opportunity for abreaction. Positive Psychology teaches us the power of celebrating strengths and resources. As we enter the season of harvest, we have a powerful tool in psychodrama for identifying and strengthening our resources, concretizing our gratitude, and opening ourselves to joy. In this workshop, we will use poetry, sociometry and psychodrama as a doorway into gratitude.


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