Take psychodrama out for a spin!

You and your colleagues are invited to try out psychodrama – for free!


Psychodrama is an experiential approach to working with groups and individuals. The essence of psychodrama is the principle “don't tell me, show me.” It offers a way to re-experience events from the past and even re-create new endings. Psychodrama provides clients a safe place to try out new roles and recovery behaviors. Action methods help people connect with and express frozen feelings. They encourage creativity and strengthen self-efficacy. They dovetail beautifully with many of the issues that clients bring to treatment for chemical dependency and other addictions: resistance, emotional disconnection, low self-esteem, ambivalence, lack of hope about the future, and isolation.

WHAT YOU’LL RECEIVE:By the end of this workshop, participants will:

 Identify ways that action methods and psychodrama can lower resistance and enhance the effectiveness of group work.

 Learn 3 simple techniques to help establish a new group or integrate new members into an existing group

 Receive additional resource materials: additional ideas for working with action methods, especially with clients with addictions; local practitioners who offer training or in-services for your staff; and further references.

WHERE: Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort, Stuart, Florida

WHEN: Sunday, July 16, 2017, 2 – 5 pm

COST: Free. But we ask participants bring a donation of non-perishable food to be given to local community service agencies.

NEXT STEP: Registration will be limited to the first 25 who contact us. For more information or to register phone 650-262-6429 or email: 4psychodrama@gmail.com

>>> Save the date … please spread the word!


For more than 25 years, psychodrama practitioners, trainers and trainees have converged at Hutchinson Island to spend a week honing their skills, building community, and working on personal growth. Many of us live and practice in south Florida. This year we want to reach out to colleagues in the region, inviting you to learn about our work through experiencing it.


You will have an opportunity to work with several trained psychodramatists representing a range of backgrounds. May we introduce our primary facilitators:

Uneeda Brewer is the sunniest of our facilitators. She is a life coach working with corporate women as well as a psychodramatist. She facilitates conflict resolution in the workplace, change management and leadership development workshops ... and loves her dog.

Michael Gross is a recovering bureaucrat who leads psychodrama groups in a trauma/addictions program and teaches action methods to addiction program counselors. He is an advanced-level trainee in an additional trauma resolution technique known as Somatic Experiencing®.

Steve Kopp is staff psychodramatist and Coordinator of Experiential Therapies at a residential treatment program for clergy in Maryland. He values working with a strength-based approach, and acknowledges his irreverent, quirky humor as one of his primary strengths. He is growing into fully accepting his flaws.


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