Reality has a highway running thorough it

Based on time.

From the earliest celebrations of the solstice

     to the hourglass

          to the watchmakers in their shops

               to digital clocks that can split seconds.


What I want is a stopwatch.

Something to help me off this racing highway,

          and onto side roads

     where time is simply a series of moments,

          along a winding road.


I want a stopwatch with an alarm—

     one that wakes me – not with a loud BUZZ

     but with a gentle reminder – “Just Breathe…”

An alarm that invites me to rise

     from my trance to my presence.


I want a stopwatch that can help me move

     in both directions of time--

So I can talk to my mother as an adult:

     Hold my truth

          yet in the moment also hear her truth

          her fear, her shame, and especially her Love.


So often, our shame is drawn through time

     like a thread dragged after a needle;

     holding together our emotional tear

          in a ragged seam.

Imagine if our stopwatch could pause

     in those painful moments of shame--

          not to extend them

          but to let us see

     that those we love best aren’t judging

     and instead are loving and accepting us.

Then pause in that moment long enough to know

     that they embrace our imperfections

     as an important part

     of what makes us loveable and unique.


Perhaps we could look at that frozen moment

     and recognize that our shame

     is garbage we unknowingly collected.

Yet we are now given a new moment

     where we can drop our shame in the dumpster

     and reclaim a loving self

     that we had left there in an earlier moment.


Imagine a stopwatch

     that would give us time and space

     to explore our stories

          especially those narratives that demand we be

          Perfectionistic, Self-critical or Self-debasing.

A watch that gives us enough time

     to remember other stories:

     of Creativity, Success, Love and Joy

          of delighting in old friends

          and celebrating new ones.

And to deeply know that in any moment ahead

    we can choose a new narrative to follow.


Clearly this watch cannot be digital-


        only energized by its own sealed battery.

We are gathered in this series of moments

     our Higher Power as our watchcase

     Dale and Nina as our mainspring

     and each of us as an essential part

     of the stopwatch we‘ve created.

And each learning from one another

     how to build our own stopwatch

    In a radical acceptance of self.


This summer has been profound; each of our psychodramas deeply moving us closer to that self-acceptance that makes authentic community possible. A huge thank you to Nina, Dale and each person who helped to create such a sacred space for summer 2016    Steve Kopp


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