In the Span of a Week


If water is key to life

     we will surely, along our paths,

     reach a bridge.


If life is peaks and valleys

     we will, along our journeys,

     find more bridges to cross.


So, a moment to appreciate bridges…

     Some are short-

          just enough to span a narrow gully

          or to briefly role reverse

          with our dearest friend.

     Some as small as the connection of two hands

          supporting the heart that beats between them.


Others are so long,

     stretching above our unconscious, we will take several summers

     before traveling its full length.


There are sociodramatic bridges

     wide enough for all of us to cross together.

And narrow spans,

     where each person listens

     to the footsteps, the stories, ahead of them

     before knowing where to place their own feet.


We have walked on swaying bridges

     where our safest passage is baby steps.

     Yet remember: on these spans-

          Keep your feet moving

          And don’t look back.


Our path may take us to a rainbow bridge

     connecting to our selves through the years

          and to Brittany


There are bridges that offer restricted passage.

Some have specific hours

     and we must be patient to the Divine Timing

     before we cross.

Or recognize we must seek a different path

     one of our choosing.

Sometimes, it is a toll bridge.

     Ask the price-

          sometimes we pay in courage, sometimes in surrender

          occasionally in worry dolls.


Many bridges are designed

     so they cannot be crossed alone.

Choose and train your companions wisely

     as you may both share this transition

     or even this transformation.


There are bridges to burn.

     And when you set the torch to the timbers in courage

          know that fire itself transforms

          changing- not destroying – matter.

     And the flames you ignite may light the way

          to your next transformative moment.


We may encounter drawbridges;

     these can need defending

Seek your wisdom to know when to lower it,

     and let your courage and perseverance

     keep the way open while those you love

          cross in safety.


There are times we stand

     and others cross a bridge without us.

Or we let go, surrender, and cross alone.

     Honor our journeys together;

     share stories, share cruises, share jewelry

          or love.

This is but one bridge

     and another bridge may bring us back together,

     even if only for the duration of our psychodrama.


Bridges span the transitions in our travels,

     sometimes even our transformations.

So that with persistence and perseverance

      we can cross over changed.


We meet where many bridges intersect:

     some stretching from far – Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico,

          Indiana or New York.

     Some a close as Stuart.

These are suspension bridges

     supported on cables of trust and compassion

          vulnerability and love. All reinforcing one another

     holding our community steady

          as we seek

     the bridges to our own precious selves. 


Once again, we have succeeded in generating a space for each of us to grow, to change, and to build bridges among ourselves, within ourselves and with people back home. A huge Thank You to Nina, Dale and each of you who helped to create such a sacred space for our psychodrama summer camp 2018!                          Steve Kopp                        July 18, 2018


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