JL Moreno, the father of psychodrama, stated that there is no such thing as resistance; it is merely an individual or group that is not properly warmed-up, or who have a warm-up different than the facilitator's.  Thoughtful use of a warm-up can help ignite a group to focus and improve their collective mood--resulting in their time being more productively used.

 The Warm-up Corner offers specific activities for those working with individuals or groups in a coaching, counseling or group-relations setting. 

 Each month, you will find the offering of a warm-up that can be used with an individual or in a group session to help participants focus and deepen their interactions. 



This works well in a group setting where there is already some developing cohesion and trust.  It can be a good way to help group members share difficult parts of their stories, yet maintain a bit of emotional distance. It can be done without props, but if you can set up a podium or something to represent a desk it can help an individual enter into their role.  

Ask each client to share a specific part of their story, as if they were a newscaster announcing a breaking story.  Remind each individual that this is a brief, evening news presentation, not an in-depth interview. Give them permission to wrap it up with something as simple as: “Now, we’ll go to our traffic report...” 

In speaking from a role other than their own, individuals can present part of their story with additional information or a slightly different perspective.  I frequently begin this action structure by letting group members know that one of the tasks in group therapy is to share your story from a fresh perspective.  If they can talk about difficult issues or experiences without any internal reaction, they might be reciting a script, rather than sharing.

Invite members to take on a range of newscaster personalities. Some people can be intimidated by microphones, others might enjoy using one as a prop.  You can also have small props - hats ties, scarves, to help people enter into the newscaster roles.


 Looking for other warm-ups? Let's talk!


Stephen Kopp

Silver Spring, Maryland

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